Intelligent energy management system is a comprehensive energy management. It is a system that integrates all the different layers such as communication, information and applications. The Sems preferably combine system components that require real physical connectivity around interconnected information.

Why do DNO's need SEMS?

Management in major cargoes, lack of steering and foresight affect the functionality of traditional energy distribution. GoodWe systems maintain this functionality on their own. Currently, large system users also have additional requirements for their power supplies. It is no longer satisfactory to observe how well the system works best on the roof or how much electricity is produced daily.

How does SEMS V1.0 manage your energy?

  1. The electricity produced from the roof type solar panels is compatible with daytime storage with different power sources even at the highest use at night. Users can control the flow of energy or the state of the batteries in mobile applications.
  2. With the remote control capability, it gives users the ability to update, generate solutions and receive the latest software. It also enables the system to operate efficiently and securely in the long run by encrypting the top level information stream with the chip contained in SEMS V1.0.
  3. It is fully compatible with MQTT. MQTT is an important connection protocol for controls in smart homes. With SEMS, users can manage home appliances in their home, can monitor the usage can be controlled.