Solar Academy

GoodWe Solar Academy provides an open platform for communication and sharing. It provides expertise and advanced training tailored to the participants on GoodWe products and PV solutions. We hope to achieve success along with our users and suppliers through professional communication and sharing.

Why participate?

•Typical project visit
•Professional instructor team
•Reasonable course arrangement
•Actual installation and debugging

Provide PV solutions

•Field trip
•Bid support
•Reasonable proposal according to different projects
•Training of installation and maintenance of PV system

Hot topics

•Introduction of working principle of inverter
•How to select the most suitable inverter
•How to use GoodWe inverter to complete PV system design
•Selection of key components  in PV system
•Analysis of common fault in PV system
•Advanced Bi-directional Energy-storage technology
•Targeted PV application: poverty alleviation project, mountain distribute project, and so on.
•Monitoring demand of system operation and maintenance.
•PV industry policy
•Trend analysis of core component technolog
•What can we do in Energy Internet.